Cassie’s Road Trip by PK Corey

Cassie’s Road Tripcassiesroadtrip_big

PK Corey

Release Date: August 29, 2016

Tag lines:

Why do I say and do such stupid things when I’m standing there half naked with the slipper still by his hand? 



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There’s a girl’s trip in the works. All the girls have planned and plotted for months. Everything must work out just right for them to be able to talk the guys into this trip. All is on track until Allie, of all people, lands in hot water. Cassie and Sue do their best to help her out and keep the hope of the trip alive too.

Behaving is always a struggle for Cassie. She does try but, unfortunately, there are situations–completely beyond her control, at least in her eyes, that keep landing her on the wrong side of Tom’s spanking hand. As Cassie continues to end up in trouble, there are some interesting new friends, maybe a little rougher than Tom would want her associating with, who want to help her too. . .

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    “I like driving,” Allie told us. “I’ll take as many turns as you want me to.” We all grinned realizing it wasn’t bad having someone under sixty on this trip.

I wanted to be sure that Allie got as close as she could to everyone so I added, “And I think we need to make it a rule not to sleep with the same person two nights in a row.”

Sue laughed, “Hell, wasn’t that your rules for years?”

I contemplated drowning her, but contented myself with a dirty look. “I hope you’ll realize that my daughter-in-law is listening. Let’s keep it clean.”

“Oh no you don’t!” Allie insisted, “Why do you think I was dying to go on this trip. I want more stories.”

“No! I’m the one always looking like a… a… well I don’t come off looking so good. Let’s talk about their pasts,” I told her indicating Sue and Annie.

“What? And bore the child to tears, your life is much more interesting.” Sue grinned.

“The way you tell stories you’ll have her thinking I’m the Whore of Babylon,” I snapped.

“Mom,” Allie spoke up, usually she still calls me Cassie, but when she says Mom it catches in my heart. “The thing I love and admire about you the most is your over the top love and loyalty to Tom, even when you’re mad at him. But the second best thing about you is that you have a past. I love your old stories better than any TV series I’ve ever seen. And I need more stories.”

I rolled my eyes and hoped this trip wouldn’t scar Allie for life.

Author bio:

I still live in the small southern town where I was born. I’m happily married and now that we have two grown children we’re learning to love the empty nest. Next year will see the end of a long and satisfying teaching career and I’m anxious to spend more time writing. I didn’t grow up with the desire to be a writer, but I did love to daydream. As a child, I spent most of my spare time, and quite a bit of time when I should have been doing schoolwork, either reading or making up stories. I was actually quite young when Cassie wandered into my head and began telling me her story. I’ve always been drawn to spanking stories, but I need a true love story with it. That’s how I see Cassie and Tom – a true love story with spanking thrown in.

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