Effie (The Marriage Market 3) by Stevie MacFarlane

Title: Effie

Series: The Marriage Market – Book 3Effiet-humbnail-SM

Author: Stevie MacFarlane


Euphemia Lane had a feeling from the get go that Samuel Jordon was going to give her trouble. In his rude letter, he threatened to spank and disarm her should she show up in Seattle with her pistols. However, his warning doesn’t deter Effie from her mission. Come hell or high water, she and Grace are determined to travel to Seattle to rescue their friend, Amelia. How was she to know that Amelia’s letter was a huge mistake or that Horace Remington would follow them and nearly kill her? And there was no way she could have anticipated what would happen once she and Grace arrive at the Jordon home.

Never would she have imagined that she would receive her very first spanking at the hands of her nemesis. It was galling to say the least, and to top it all off, he relieved her of her pistols after she destroyed a treasured family heirloom and shot Horace. Now she is in Sam’s protective custody until the Marshal determines she had acted in self-defense. The problem seems to be: who is going to protect her from Sam?

Samuel Jordon is so angry when Marshal Cole Hadley sticks him with Miss Lane that he sees stars. In his opinion, she is a sassy-mouthed witch hiding in a sweet little body. His determination to be firm yet detached lasts all of two days. Who knew one little drop of frosting on one luscious lip would change his life forever? What kind of young woman can turn a well-balanced, confirmed bachelor into a perverted fiend who can’t keep his hands off her?

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“Did someone call me?” Sam asked, opening the door and entering the room. He didn’t bother to hide his grin.

“Certainly not,” Effie replied crisply.

“Well, I was coming in, in any case. Yvette informs me you did not wish to eat your breakfast this morning, Miss Lane. I just wanted to let you know I’ve asked the chef to prepare something special for you for luncheon and you will eat it, or I shall feed it to you.”

“Excuse me?”  Effie demanded, rising to her feet.  “Who do you think you are, Mr. Jordon?”

“At the moment, I am the only thing between you and a jail cell, Euphemia. May I call you that? Of course, I may call you anything I like as you are now in my custody, protective custody to be precise. If you are wondering what that means, it means I am responsible for your well-being and of course, your behavior.”

“Samuel,” Amelia scolded. “Stop tormenting my friend.”

“My dear sister-in-law, while I hate to distress you, everything I’ve said is true.” Turning back to Effie he continued. “While the situation is not one either of us would choose, there seems to be no alternative. You will mind my words, Euphemia, and behave in a proper manner while you are a guest in this house. I’m not prepared to tolerate any nonsense so I would advise you to recall last night in the study and act accordingly.”

“Look at her, she’s injured and you would threaten her?” Grace shouted, going to Effie’s side and wrapping an arm around her waist in support.

“Of course I would not discipline the lady while she is in this condition,” Sam assured her kindly. “I will however keep a tally and she will atone for her naughty behavior when she has recovered. Do we understand each other, Euphemia?” he asked his eyes full of promise.

“Yes, we do, Mr. Jordon,” Effie replied sweetly. “Take me to jail,” she insisted, holding out her wrists.

Sam laughed. “While that is always an option, it’s not one my family would approve of. Therefore, you will reside here and strive to impress me with your impeccable ladylike behavior until this matter is settled. I expect you in the dining room at the proper time and pray you do not embarrass us both.”

“Mr. Jordon, that’s not something you should put much stock in,” Effie drawled.

“I’m not at all surprised,” he replied as he nodded and left the room.

Author Bio

Stevie MacFarlane lives in Upstate New York with her husband of many years.  Although she has been writing most of her life, she had her first novel published in 2012.

Since then, this best-selling author has published seventeen novels, including two very popular series, Sugar Babies, Inc. and The O’Malley’s.  The Marriage Market Series is well on its way to joining them as another reader favorite.   Check out Stevie’s author page on Amazon and click ‘Follow’ to receive an email when a new book goes out.

You can find Stevie on:

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Or write to her at steviemacfarlane@aol.com


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