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Guarded Disciplineguardeddiscipline

by Allison West

Genre: Historical, BDSM, Victorian

Unwed Jessie Harding has a thirst for adventure and desires a salary that will pay her rightfully for the work she is capable of doing. The only problem: she’s a woman and the only jobs available are nannies and governesses, neither of which she wants anything to do with.

Dressing as a man is easy. She cuts her long blonde locks and works as a coal-whipper, earning enough to live on her own. It’s not the life she dreams of, but it’s respectable work.

When Henry Clarke visits with an announcement that the queen’s guard is hiring and the pay is at least double what she’s currently making, she jumps at the opportunity to enlist and help serve her country and protect Queen Victoria. Pretending to be a man is easy, it’s the fact that Henry catches sight of her female self while bathing in the river, which has her caught up in a tizzy, worried he’ll discover her secret. He only suspects she has a twin brother. How long can she keep up the charade? Will Jessie be able to hide her womanly virtue and remain in service to the queen without causing havoc?

Guarded Discipline is filled with spankings for naughty behavior, anal play, and graphic sexual content.

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“Do you want to get out of here?” he whispered into her ear.

Jessie’s smile only appeared to grow wider. “Can we? Do we not have to guard the ball?” All guards were supposed to be at their assigned stations. Henry’s station was to check on all his men, relieve any if they needed to use a piss pot before they returned to keep watch over the event.

“Come,” he said, keeping his voice down. He led her out of the room, the same way that she had likely entered and then down the hall out of sight. Pulling her into an empty room, he shut the door behind them and forcefully placed his lips over hers. Henry had felt the intense urgency and need of desire coursing through his body. She had done as asked and clearly did her job well. He had not anticipated that the queen would be entering the ballroom quite so soon. Did she realize the talent that she had harbored inside of her? For years the queen would rarely leave her chambers and never for a party, not that any had been enjoyed within Windsor’s walls in years.

“You are quite excited,” Jessie said, noting his enthusiasm.

Could she also feel his growing erection pressed against her stomach as he held her close to him? He wanted to undress her, fuck her, and enjoy the sight of her round bottom. He had promised her fifteen spanks and while the party continued, now seemed as good a time as any to fulfill his promise.

He locked the door, certain there would be no interruptions. Henry turned the oil lamp higher, allowing the room to be bathed in a warm amber glow as he stepped closer to Jessie, retrieving a chair from the desk.

Books lined the walls from ceiling to floor as this was the library that had long since been abandoned. It was another room that Henry had insisted be cleaned and maintained for guests, not that he had expected to use it with Jessie.

“Take your clothes off. All of them.” Henry demanded she undress and waited as he watched her standing there awkwardly, unsure of herself. “As your husband, I have decided that you will receive fifteen spanks that you deserve. If you will not disrobe on your own, I will add five more spanks for every minute that you dawdle.”

Jessie swallowed albeit nervously and bent forward, unlacing her boots first. Her boots were a necessity to remove and probably one of the longest items to put back on, lacing each eyelet. Thankfully no one was looking for either one of them.

“Hurry. We do not have all day,” Henry said, scolding her for taking too long.

About the Author

Allison West is a #1 International Best-Selling Author in Erotica, BDSM, Romantic Erotica, Sci-Fi, Victorian, and Historical Erotica. She also writes young adult novels under the name Ruth Silver.


Allison West has been inventing worlds and writing stories for years. Her favorite novels are those that leave a lasting impression, long after the final page is read. You can find more about Allison on Facebook and Twitter.


Visit her website here:


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