In Deep Water by Anita Philmar

InDeepWater-AP 300x450In Deep Water by Anita Philmar

Almost drowning reveals a whirlpool of emotion that won’t be satisfied by anything less than complete surrender.




Skinny-dipping to cool off in the Trinity River couldn’t cause any problem…could it?

Wading into the water, Carolyn Evans takes one step to far and finds herself neck-deep in the river and fighting for her life.

After saving Carolyn from drowning, Zack Goodman is trapped in an awkward situation when they’re both rescued by a steamboat and hauled on deck.

Naked and embarrassed, Carolyn is quick to save them from humiliation and claims they are married.

Will Zack release her from her claim of matrimony? Or will he teach her once words are spoken…they are not so easily retracted?  



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“Are you still cold from being dunked in the river?” He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and drew her close. The soft cushion of her body next to his heated his blood. Would she slap him if he dove for a kiss?  

“Yes. I should’ve never decided to go skinny dipping, but it sounded like such a good idea at the time.” She snuggled closer and laid her hand in the center of his chest. “I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to thank you for saving me.”

He peered into her velvety brown eyes and read the same hunger in her he was experiencing. “I’m sure we’ll come up with a way.”

She smiled and her gaze dropped to his mouth. “Everyone thinks we’re married.”

The thought sizzled through him. If she belonged to him, he’d…

The sudden touch of her soft lips on his cheek fried his brain. He tightened his hold on her and his tongue dove into the sweet haven of her mouth. She sighed, and the needy sound wrenched a groan from him. He deepened the kiss and plunged his tongue inside, skimming the edge of her teeth and playing with the roof, he learned the contour.

The blanket around her shoulders slid down against his forearm as she circled her arms around his neck. Liquid fire shot through his body, and a ravenous hunger grew in his groin.

Damn, when was the last time he wanted a woman so much?  



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