Punishing Portia by Darling Adams

Punishing Portia

Punishing Portia by Darling Adams (Renee Rose)

When well-known chef and restaurateur David Marone recognizes the food critic who just lambasted him in a review on the charity auction block, he bids an inordinate amount to keep her as his slave for three nights. He remembers the haughty foodie from culinary school seventeen years earlier, and relishes the idea of getting even with her for her mean-spirited review.

Portia Sands hopes the dark and gorgeous Chicago chef who won the bid for her at the Castle charity auction doesn’t know her real identity as the food critic who tore him apart in a review the week before. She finds he hasn’t changed since culinary school–still arrogant, over-confident and domineering. Unfortunately, he has the same effect on her now as he did then: reducing her to a trembling mass of jello.

When he pushes her to her limits, placing her in a cage like a pet, she discovers he knows who she is, and means to exact revenge. She considers calling the Castle safeword to end their time together, but some part of her won’t allow it. Somehow she must survive three nights as his slave and keep her heart in the process.

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He led her to Wardrobe, where he asked to see the pet wear. He chose a black satin corset, the kind that fit below the breasts, cinching her waist and pushing up her bare size A’s.

“Put it on her,” he directed, giving her absolutely no possibility for privacy, despite the other people milling about the costume room.

She stepped forward and allowed the costume attendant, a goth-looking girl dressed in Victorian attire, to strip off her red dress, leaving her standing in nothing more than the matching red g-string and her knee-high boots. She licked her lips, pretending not to notice David’s obvious and intense scrutiny of her body.

“Wait,” he said, holding a hand up to the attendant. “Turn around,” he commanded. She tried to steady her breath as she turned a slow circle. She knew her flaws–small breasts, stretch marks on her thighs from the growth spurt at age twelve. Cellulite despite the fact that she had very little fat on her body. “A little thin,” he said critically when she’d completed the turn.


Her ears grew hot, but she kept her eyes lowered to hide her anger.

“Take off the panties.”

Her pussy contracted as if it knew it would soon be the object of scrutiny. She slid off the tiny g-string, hopping a little as she struggled to get the panties over her boots. She had shaved everything bare for the weekend and she turned to give him the full frontal view now, for inspection.

He gave a faint smile. “Very pretty, pet. Thank you for grooming your pussy so nicely for me.”

It wasn’t for you, she thought darkly, but kept her mouth shut.

He nodded to the attendant, who slid the corset around her waist and cinched it tight, tugging at the laces in the back until she could scarcely breathe. She hated the choice–a small-breasted woman like her did not need to have her lack of boobs highlighted by this style of bustier.

“A little less,” David Dean told the attendant. “I don’t want her fainting when I punish her.”

The word punish made her bottom flinch, an involuntary clenching not missed by David. He smirked as she flushed with hot shame. Damn him.

“What else?” the attendant asked after loosening and retying the corset.

“Do you have pasties for her nipples?”

The attendant smiled. “Of course. Here, take a look,” she said, bringing out a box of small nipple ornaments.

He chose a pair of black stars, with open rings in the center for her nipples to poke through. The attendant slid them over her nipples, tacking them in place with a little spirit glue.

She caught sight of herself in a mirror on the wall and stared. She looked every bit like a sultry burlesque dancer. Beautiful, despite her small breasts. Even her bare pussy looked beautiful–not shameful, but sweet, as if it, too went with the costume.

“Anything on the bottom?” the attendance asked.

“Not on. In,” David said, the glimmer of a smile playing over his lips.

“Of course. A butt plug? We have some pretty jewelled ones.”

“A tail. She is my pet.”

Renee Rose / Darling Adams is a naughty author and kinkster who loves writing about hot alpha males, Dominance/submission and power exchanges. Named Eroticon USA’s Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, her books are all centered around kink. She can be found on:








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