Reaper’s Kiss by Allison West

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Reaper’s Kiss by Allison WestReaper'sKiss

Published: August 30, 2016

Publisher:  Blushing Books

Genre: Paranormal, Romantic Erotica, BDSM



Heir to the throne of Casmerelda, Princess Ophelia has a knack for disobeying the rules. When she sneaks out in secret to visit her boyfriend, her life takes an unexpected twist. She is murdered by an unknown assailant outside the Blue Moon Tavern and is tasked with being a grim reaper. Is it punishment for her naughty night outings or the Dacre curse?

Wynter Gael has no choice but to reap the soul of Ophelia Dacre and bring her into the world of the undead. Responsible for reaping souls and fixing her mistakes, he must decide if putting her over his knee is worth it or if she should be sent to the royal council for further disciplinary action.

Reaper’s Kiss is a paranormal erotic novel with elements of spankings, anal play, graphic sex, and mild violence.

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“I don’t like it.”

What was there to like? Larkin, the gentleman she’d been sneaking out to visit had an appointment with death. He felt bad for the guy, especially given the fact the girl he liked was recently murdered, but what could he do?

“You’re not supposed to,” Wynter said and sighed. “Maybe you should stay here for today.”

“The hell I am!” Leila stood up. Her hands in fists. “I’m not going to sit by and idly watch as you reap the man I love! Not a chance in hell!”


Larkin’s POV

(Not featured in the book!)

He didn’t mean to worry about Leila, but inwardly he scolded himself for not walking her outside. He should have been the gentleman he was taught to be. He exited the tavern and briefly asked the stranger mounting his horse if he’d seen Leila. No such luck.

Larkin walked off into the woods behind the bar. It took a moment for his eyes to adapt to the dark. The lantern was out. “Leila?” Silence answered him.

Larkin followed the dirt path up to the latrine. She’d be pissed with him for interrupting her, but he’d deal with it. He stumbled, tripping on something lying along the path. His heart quickened. “Leila?” Larkin hoped it wasn’t her, but it was definitely a body. He felt for a pulse, searching for any sign of life as he pulled back the cloak, revealing her lifeless face. “No!”

Refusing to leave her in the woods alone, he lifted Leila’s body into his arms and carried her into the tavern. “Help!” The music and laughter vanished as quickly as the horror set in. “Is anyone a doctor?”

Whispers and soft murmurs erupted amid the crowd. A gentleman stepped forward, searching her neck for a pulse. “It’s too late.”

“It can’t be.” Larkin refused to give up and believe she was dead. “Maybe she’s cold.” Her skin was pale, with no hint of color. He removed his coat and covered Leila’s body to keep her warm. “Someone, do something!”

A harsh whisper escaped a woman’s lips. “It’s King Philip’s daughter.”

“Are you sure?” a man standing beside the woman asked.

“Of course I’m sure! I staff the kitchen and feed the royal family.” She pushed through the crowd toward the body and brushed the red locks from the young girl’s face.

Larkin stood beside Leila, protective of her. “No, her name is Leila.” He didn’t know her surname. She hadn’t given it, but it wasn’t possible for this girl to be a princess.

“The princess has a birthmark on her right arm, in the shape of a heart,” the woman said. Gently she removed his coat and lifted the sleeve, revealing the inside of her arm. It was Ophelia Dacre. “Detain him!” the woman demanded, pointing at Larkin.

“What?” His eyes widened and heart palpitated. “I didn’t do anything!”

“You were the last one outside with the princess.”


Interview with the Author


Why do you have bonus scenes that aren’t in the book?

Reaper’s Kiss was originally a young adult book written under the title Dead Girl Walking and Forget Me Knot. It was written under a different name of mine (Ruth Silver). The publisher eventually went under and the rights were reverted back to me. At which point I decided I wanted to spice up the grim reaper aspect, change quite a bit, including removing a character, adding lots of sexiness, and orgasmic reaps (when appropriate). Due to the fact that the book is written focusing on Ophelia and Wynter’s point of view, it was necessary to remove some scenes. For example Larkin and Mara’s point of view didn’t fit.

What inspired you to write about grim reapers?

Many years ago I enjoyed a show titled Dead Like Me which inspired the idea for this novel. It was intended to be a series for young adults and was eventually redone for the adult romance genre. Personally I felt like this story had so much more potential as I was originally writing it in the YA category and struggled to keep in tame. When the publisher that the YA series was with went under, this gave me the opportunity to really make this book shine.

Do you plan to write a sequel for Reaper’s Kiss?

If the book is well received I would definitely consider a sequel or possibly even a spin-off. There are many more areas to explore in the undead world.

I read Dead Girl Walking, is this the same novel?

Yes and no. There are many story elements that are the same but the novel is definitely hotter and sexier. Edon’s character no longer exists, Wynter takes on more of a role, and Ophelia finds herself bent over his knee for a spanking! I can guarantee that never happened in the young adult version!

About the Author

Allison West is a #1 International Best-Selling Author in Erotica, BDSM, Romantic Erotica, Sci-Fi, Victorian, and Historical Erotica. She also writes young adult novels under the name Ruth Silver.


Allison West has been inventing worlds and writing stories for years. Her favorite novels are those that leave a lasting impression, long after the final page is read. You can find more about Allison on Facebook and Twitter.


Visit her website here:


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